Making the move

sketchperez | 11.10.2013

In the past month I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, moving to New York City. Of course I had many hesitations, but with my mind on new opportunities and surroundings, they outweighed any fears I had.

The promised land

Being a web designer living in Florida, New York always seemed like the promised land. So many big companies call this place home, and new startups are popping up left and right. A lot of cool things come out of here, and I wanted to get in on it. I was searching for a while before I found my current position at the small app startup of appfigures, they help developers track sales for their apps across all app stores. I get to work with an incredibly skilled team and we are frequently meeting face to face with our members to learn and share with them. In the incredibly small time span I have been here, I’ve already learned so much and met so many people. Nothing beats the new experiences and opportunities I am encountering here on a regular basis, not to mention working in the city is such a different experience from back home in Florida.

Culture in the city

The city is truly one of a kind with so much culture crammed into such a small place. Just stepping outside of your door and walking a couple blocks you’ll come across people from all over the world. A typical Sunday morning for my wife and I will be to get up and have breakfast at a Colombian bakery, then she goes to the Chinese hair salon where the ladies leave her hair amazingly straight, while I go to the Greek barbershop where they leave me looking ‘fresh.’ We’ll transition into the afternoon with some more food but this time from the Arabic Halal cart. All of this of course in walking distance of our apartment. I love it.

One month down

It has only been a month living in New York City and I can’t help but feel at home. Looking back I’m glad I made this big move. Beyond any fear I had, the fear of not trying and always wondering ‘what if’ is far more scary.

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