Great ideas don’t spawn motivation

sketchperez | 03.07.2014

I used to think that coming up with a GREAT idea would spark motivation. Now, having worked on a lot of great ideas, I find myself no more motivated than in the past. I have taken part in many great ventures with some cool people. I work for a few months, lose motivation, and end up leaving the project.

No Passion

Great ideas can only take us so far. Just because an idea is “great” does not mean it will motivate us to work on it until 4am, night after night. I mean, if we know that something is a great idea and great things will come from it, why don’t we bust our asses working on it? The passion isn’t there.

Working on a great idea

About a year ago, I started working on a project; it was a great idea. I’d work on it here and there, not really giving it my all. Within a month or so of half motivated work, the idea was executed by someone else, and they did it beautifully! At first, I was mad that I had wasted my time, but as I continued to use their version of this great idea, I realized just how much more motivated and dedicated they were than me. Their passion bled through every part of the project. Now, a year later, they have finally released a paid version of the great idea. They didn’t see any money for a whole year! This was when I realized I would never have been able to do what they did, and not because I am incapable of doing so, but because my heart wasn’t in that idea like their’s was. A successful project isn’t comprised of a great idea, it is comprised of passion. That passion drives us to work on our projects for hours on end. We feel like we have something to prove and nothing will get in our way, not even ourselves.

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