Setting small goals and reaching them

sketchperez | 06.22.2014

On a trip to Colombia back in 2012 I was so inspired by the culture and all the artisanal hand crafted leather products, that I set out to make my own. I went to ‘el centro’, where I found all the tools and materials needed to make something. I was motivated and I had big plans, nothing could stop me.

One year later

It wasn’t until a whole year later that I actually did anything. One day I sat down and told myself that I wasn’t going to get up until something was made no matter how small. I made a few sketches, cut out the leather, and stitched my wallet. Sure it had imperfect needle work and uneven cuts, but it was a finished product none the less.

Setting small goals and reaching them

When I first bought the piece of leather, big plans were made for it. My mind was overwhelmed with all the possibilities that could come out of it. However, a whole year went by and nothing was done. I had to sit down and commit to a small goal.

It’s good to have big goals, however to meet them we must make a series of small goals. These seem more obtainable and after each one we are filled with a rush of satisfaction that allows us to continue pushing on to the rest of them.

Pushing through and learning from mistakes

I made one big mistake when stitching the wallet. I closed off the side where the cards were suppose to go in. Imagine a wallet that had no opening. I shrugged off the mistake and saw how I could make it right. The results ended up being a wallet that was half the size of the intended design, but in all honesty, it worked out better this way.

I could have very well threw away the piece of leather and started from scratch. Instead I quickly found a solution, and it turned from a bad mistake to a happy accident.

In situations such as these, we must push through. It may seem like there is no hope and ‘throwing it all away’ presents itself as a viable option, but the problem must be sought through and approached differently to achieve success.

hello mr perez

hello mr perez

Reap what you’ve sewn.

After my wallet was made, I felt quite proud and accomplished. To this day I still use it. Every time I take out my metro card, I am reminded of the small goals that must be made in order to reach the bigger ones.

Now with every new endeavor, I follow the ‘small wallet model’ of setting a small goal and reaching it. This model has helped me make my first app, produce my first music beat, and execute on small art projects. With every small goal reached we are empowered to take on new ones.

What is your small wallet? You have everything you need, why haven’t you made it yet? Sit down and don’t get up until SOMETHING is made.

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