Choosing the ‘right’ project to focus on

sketchperez | 06.29.2014

We are creators. All we want to do is create. We want to create many things, and if you’re like me, you want to create EVERYTHING. Last week I received an email from Luis Vas, who had read my previous posts about ‘Focus’ & ‘Small goals,’ where he asked me how I went about choosing the ‘right’ project. There are different ways to go about this, but here is my method.

My Method

  1. Try everything. Consolidate everything you want to do into a small list.
  2. Perform small projects within each of those things. Make sure that these projects don’t span too long, so that you may actually finish them. It is normal for us to loose motivation when taking on a long project, no matter what it is. That resistance can confuse us into thinking that a certain project isn’t the right one. Stick to small, then build from there.
  3. Analyze and reflect after each project. You will find that there were things you thought you were going to enjoy but don’t and vice versa. This is another reason why number 2 is so important. Short projects allow quick reflection.
  4. Find someone to talk to regularly about your projects. Tell them what you are doing, what you want to do, and what you are finding out. By trying to articulate your thoughts, you will solidify ideas that you didn’t even realize you had. I have about 3 people that I talk to regularly, and this has been crucial in my discovery.
  5. Do this for each item on your list. I promise that you will find that ‘ONE’ true passion.

My Experience

When I was doing this, my own realization was that I didn’t have a passion to ‘just’ do music, or photography, or drawing. Sure, all of those are my interests, but not my passion. My passion wasn’t in becoming a master in any one of those fields. I found that it was in talking about business and creativity. The fact that I am also creative isn’t so that I can be a master at it, but more so I can use that as a tool to help reach ideas to other people. I can use my interests to help build the experiences of the stories I am trying to tell. When I make a wallet, it’s not solely about making the best wallet. By making it, I am able to dissect the process and take out a tangible lesson that I may share. That is my passion. This is how I was able to create this blog. Now I can write a business post about ‘Focus’ and use my interests in music and film to support that story. ( See on Instagram ) You have to try it all. To do that, you must choose small executable projects, so that you may identify what you like. It is okay to not like something. There will be A LOT of things we don’t like. By identifying the things that we don’t like, we will cut through, and find the things that we do. Then we will be able to find our own focus.

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