Create Daily, Publish Weekly

sketchperez | 07.06.2014

Consistent production of quality content is what separates exceptional people and brands from ‘okay’ ones. When we set a structured time in which to create on a daily basis, we free our minds and cultivate an environment for creativity and productivity. When we publish on a consistent schedule, our followers know when to come back. We build a reputation and an expectation. By keeping this consistency, we are building trust, and trust is how great brands grow.

Freeing our minds by creating daily

In the morning, we wake up, get ready, have breakfast, and we’re out the door. That’s our morning routine. When we do this, our bodies are performing duties it knows to do. We don’t necessarily think about each step, it just happens. While our bodies are performing these routines, our minds are working on situations, problems, and ideas. This is good, we need more of this throughout our day. The more structure we make for ourselves, the more we allow our minds to roam freely.

We can’t force creativity. We can’t just say “Okay, I’m going to be creative now,” and turn on a switch in our heads. However, what we can do is, make a structured daily workflow in which we allocate time on a consistent basis, to be creative. By making this structure we are training our selves that when in this time, it’s all about creating. It’ll become natural, when this time comes around, our bodies will automatically know we have a creative routine in place. There will be resistance some days, but that is normal. We must work through that and we’ll see the fruits of the structure.

This time is sacred. We should note that within this time no distractions should be allowed to come in. We need to disconnect from social media, turn off our phones completely, and tell our family to please not disturb during this time. This routine will come natural for them too, they’ll know that during this time, it’s not okay to disrupt. It is up to us to set the structure, and everything else will follow. With that being said family is important, I always make sure to spend time with them. What I create on the daily basis, is done ultimately with the intentions of coming back to them. I work for my family, and establishing that understanding will help set in place this structure.

We are not machines that can just crank out beautiful creations at any time. This is why we need this consistency. Beyond what the structure does to help us create, it also allows for ’off’ days. There will be days where we don’t create something great, but then come back the next day and create something amazing. This is normal, every person who creates feels this. That is why this daily structure needs to be put in place. We create daily, but only publish weekly so that we have a buffer for creating something of quality. We cannot try to force creation on the same day we publish. It may work out a few times, but there will be days where we just aren’t producing good work. This will cause us to loose consistency, or worse publish subpar content. Daily creation helps us keep quality.

Building trust with publishing consistently

In the same way that we as creators benefit from our routines, our followers do to. Publishing on a set schedule allows our followers to expect something from us. Instead of them wondering “hmm I wonder if they wrote something new,” they already know that there is because we’ve built a routine around publishing consistently.

I follow a lot of blogs. There is nothing worse than going to a blog that has not built a routine, and finding that everything is the same as it was the last time you came. With the lack of consistency, they build frustration among the followers, and eventually will loose them.

Keep the content at a reachable place. Publishing weekly doesn’t mean that every week we have to produce a music album, or write a book, or come up with an art series. Set small goals. If you make music, try producing a 1 minute snippet every week; If you write, publish a 1000-2000 word blog post; and if you’re an artist, create a sketch.

Just like I talked about on my post, “Setting small goals & reaching them,” when we publish these works, we’ll feel a rush of new energy. Every time we publish we get a fresh burst of inspiration to produce more. After a while it becomes addicting and you’ll crave that feeling. This is good. This is the point.

The Build Up

What we do when we create daily and publish weekly, is we build up. Creatively we build up our skills and discipline. From a publishing side, we are building up our audience and creating a demand for our content. This sets the stage to now publish something ‘big.’ We already have the discipline to make something, and the audience to sell it to. This is when we launch our album, our book, and our art series. The build up is so big, that when we launch, we’ll be overwhelmed.

Sean Wes is a hand letterer who has been designing beautiful works of art for a long time. He had an idea to release a course on “Learn Lettering.” Six months prior to the launch, he created podcast. On here he published, and still does, two episodes a week. Two podcast episodes where he provided quality content. He did this for six months. He built up for six months. On the day that he launched his course, he made $80,000. That is just amazing. We are talking about one person, not a team, not a small company, but one person.

This is why I create daily & publish weekly. Sean served as a living testament that this works. We can do this. With this structure in place, we can build our brands, and step closer to living out our passions.

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