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Failure is supposed to happen, get over it

sketchperez | 07.27.2014

Every single one of our fears about starting our venture, will happen. That’s part of the game. Failure is supposed to happen, get over it. Think about the over protective parent who never let’s their child do anything their entire life until they reach college. I won’t bore you with the details, we all know how that turns out. Letting go is the only way we’ll ever learn. There is no class to take, no person to talk to, no precautions to take that will ensure pure success. Talk to anybody who is successful and ask them, have you ever failed? As a matter of fact, don’t even ask them, I’ll save you the trip. The answer is “yes, a lot.” We make the leap, fall flat on our face, get up, and leap again. Each time going higher and farther, given we learn from the last falls. We just have to make that first step of letting go.

Letting go

We hold onto a lot of things. This is normal. We are waiting for the perfect moment to come, the moment where we feel comfortable enough to let go. Well I’m here to tell you, there will never be a point of comfort. Until after we just let go, it will never be the right time. We’ll only feel discomfort, fear, anxiety, and hold over our heads that dreadful question ‘what if.’ Worse is the feeling of not trying, than that of trying and failing. At least you have something when you try, when you don’t let go, you have nothing.

Don’t listen to the negativity

We instill fear in our heads, and allow other people to reinforce that. There will be more people saying that we can’t do it than people saying we can. The first time I let go, I was working at a deli, and I quit that to go full time into freelance design. After that I was given a full time salary position at a big agency, and I let go of school. The latest one was the hardest let go, I let go of my comfortable life in Florida to move to NYC and work at a startup. Every one of those times had someone telling me that I should hang on. I never listened to the negativity. This allowed me to keep an open mind and move through the struggles that comes with letting go.

Facing hardship

There will definitely be struggles, a lot of them. There will be times when it’ll seem easier to just give up than to face the challenge ahead. This cannot be an option. There was a reason why we took the initial leap, ignored the negativity, and began our venture. Many people don’t even make is this far. Now we have to take it even further. Continue pushing through, working, and finding solutions to the challenges that are being placed in front of us.

Completing our part of the deal

We are creators. What we have is a gift. This was given to is, and it is our job to cultivate it. By letting go, ignoring the negative, and facing hardship we are holding up out end of the deal. We are showing how grateful we are to be creators. It’s less of a choice, and more of a calling. We have been called to be a creator, so we have to take on everything the comes along with it. Failure will happen, but just as we were given the gift to create, we are given the same strength to make something of these creations. We can’t be scared. Write down everything you fear, and cross them off one by one as they happen. You’ll see it wasn’t that scary, and the benefits we get from actually putting ourselves out there, outweighs anything.

What are you afraid of? What could you be creating of you let go? What negativity are you allowing to take over? You can reach our through tweet or email if you’d like to continue discussing these things.

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