Nothing wrong with starting small

sketchperez | 09.14.2014

We all have big goals and visions. So big that when we look at where we currently are, we undermine our work. We look down on ourselves and make ourselves feel bad because we are no where near these huge ambitions we have. I am here to say, there is nothing wrong with starting small. Furthermore, we all start small. There was a point where huge names in creative industries were also looking at their own work and feeling insignificant. We must embrace where we are at in our careers so that we may learn everything to get to the next level. Sometimes putting too much focus on being too small cripples us, and keeps us where we’re at.

I’m too small, what I do is insignificant

This is not true. Just because we are small doesn’t mean that what we do is insignificant. I started a podcast and it’s now on it’s 3rd episode. For this blog, I see a regular stream of about 500 readers a week. However, this podcast so far has only seen 40 listeners per show. At 40 listeners it is easy to think that what I am doing is insignificant. Even at 500 blog readers, when we look at other blog metrics, it is incredibly small. Now, I may be small, but far from insignificant.

A friend of mine shared a podcast episode on his Facebook page, Thinking & Dreaming Big. I reached out to thank him, and he ended up telling me how much the topic touched home, “Your talk helped to remind me how critical it is not to simply let convenience or lack of ambition be apart of how I make my choice.” He’s in college now, so that choice he’s referring to is regarding his career. This meant so much to me. Here is a guy who I care for deeply, and I was able to help him out in some way. That is why I do this. Just because I am small, doesn’t mean I am insignificant.

Allow yourself to step back from your work look around and see the impact that your work has. Sometimes we get so involved in what we do, that we don’t take time to appreciate what we are doing.

Will I ever make it big?

Making it big shouldn’t be the main reason to do something. If we are doing what we love, we will enjoy every moment of it. We will put all of our time and effort into producing quality work. We love this, we aren’t in it for the money or recognition. The funny thing about that is, because we put so much quality into the things that we make, people are going to start to take notice. As time passes, all you’re doing is making quality work, but your audience is growing. We make it big by showing that we care. If we don’t care about what we do, how can we expect other people to?

This isn’t something overnight. There is no overnight celebrity, or get rich quick schemes. This is consistent hard work over a long span of time. It takes time, a lot of time. Frankly, that’s a good thing. In that time we are allowed to grow and prepare for when we do make it. There would be nothing worse then us becoming an overnight celebrity and not know what to do next or how to handle it. With small stead growth we build our brands and make the proper decisions needed to make it grow. All at a slow pace, but what ends up happening is, the brand is stronger because of it. Time allows us to make deliberate choices. Let’s not think of our slow growth as something bad.

Keep working

Getting discouraged by our current place is easy to do. We go online, see people in our industries doing big things, and compare that to what we are doing. Feeling insignificant, we forget that everyone started where we are. If we want to get to where they are at, we have to just continue working. Sitting around and worrying about our situations won’t make things better. We need to put our heads down and focus. Consistency is what’ll bring people to us, and in due time, we’ll achieve the recognition we deserve.

  • Where are you currently in your career?
  • What are some significant things you do?
  • Are you letting growth get in the way of work?

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