Getting your first DSLR Camera: Nikon vs Cannon

sketchperez | 10.19.2014

No matter what field you are in, I often find that creatives always want to explore photography. Whether it’s to photograph their portfolio work, places they travel to, or just daily experiences they come across. When looking around at other professionals we see two main brands that stick out. Therefore, naturally I get this question constantly, “What camera should I get, Nikon or Cannon?”

Which brand is better?

Full disclosure: Before I begin, I want to state that I use Nikon and have done so since I was 16 years old (2009). It was my very first camera. I love everything about them from the structure of the cameras, to the definition of the lens, and the low light sensitivity. With that said, I think this makes my answer that much more valid.

Just recently I took a small 2hour photography course with the professional photographer who shot my wedding. He taught me all the basics that I had been missing about getting light into the camera, shutter speed, aperture, & ISO. When teaching me, we compared how Nikon did things to how Cannon did them. By far, cannon was way easier to use. Not only that, but there are certain features that Cannon has on very beginner models that nikon doesn’t have until you get to there more professional $2000+ models. The feature is being able to control aperture in live mode, which is a bit annoying when shooting photos, and very cumbersome when shooting video.

Every professional that I meet is equally distributed to Cannon or Nikon, and each have their own personal reasons to why they use their brand. I believe it’s just a matter of personal likes when it comes distinguishing between the two. What’s interesting is, at my wedding I had two individual companies shooting the event. The photos were shot by one team using nikons, and my film was done by another team using Cannon, both producing amazing quality.

What camera models to buy

I do not recommend any base models. I am recommending the following cameras because of higher specs and the ability to shoot 1080 HD video; trust me, sooner or later you will want to do so. These cameras will be good for you on a professional level for years to come. I bought my first camera when I was 16, then had to replace it a little over year or so later. Ever since then, I like to wait and save up to buy the best products from the beginning, instead of spending more money by buying a lower model first, then having to upgrade later. Also all of the following links are for the bodies only. I have found that if you buy the kit, the lens they come with are sub par. I personally use a 35mm & a 55mm prime lens when I shoot.

Cannon Models:

Nikon Models:

My Current Nikon:

If you are curious, this was my first camera, DO NOT BUY this one, it is discontinued and the base model for nikon now is way better:

I hope this shed some light, for any further discussion on cameras please feel free to email me send or me a tweet.

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