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Finding an available name for your next idea

sketchperez | 11.30.2014

You have a brilliant idea, even came up with a unique name for it, now let’s see if it has available domains and usernames on the major platforms. There is nothing worse than finding that your name is taken, especially when going weeks of identifying your project or company after that name. Before I even start working on a project, I like to think of the name. I search all web domains and social media profiles. This process of going to all the different websites can get a little tedious, so I made a simple web & iOS app that allows you to search all of this in one place.

The Name App

By going to The Name App, or downloading the iOS app, you can see if your name is available across all the major platforms. When you find an available name, clicking the link will allow you to purchase and obtain the domain. After that you may check out the other useful links I provided such as web hosting, and web templates resources.

hellomrperez the name app

Use a simple name

Whenever I’m coming up with names, I try to keep the name simple. When I can, I try to use real words so that it’s easy for someone to remember. For example, when I came up with the idea for an app that searches available names, I thought of “The Name App.” People are going to know how to spell it, and even have an idea of what it is.

Other apps I’ve created are & myYourls. The first one,, you automatically know it has something to do with getting paid. The second one may seem a little more obscure, but it’s actually just an iOS client for a product called “Yourls.” Therefore, if you are familiar with that product, you instantly know that this iOS app is for that.

As simple as pie

Imagine you are visiting a new place, and you’re hungry. Not being able to recognize anything, you’re walking around and come across a store front with a huge sign that reads “PIZZA.” Instantly you know exactly what that is, you go inside, and buy just that. You can’t go wrong with simple, honest, and to the point.

Continuing on the pizza analogy, there are some pretty huge, well known brands that use obscure names to identify their stores. Places like Dominos & Papa Johns have poured in millions of dollars into advertising to grow their brand names. Is this something you want to do? If we were to take someone who had no idea about American pizza franchises and they were shown Dominos, Papa Johns, & Pizza Hut, which one do you think they’d go to for pizza?

Be creative, be unique, but remain simple

As time passes more names will get used. It’ll become harder and harder to come up with simple and unique names because they’ll be already taken by some other idea. That’s why I made The Name App, so that we could quickly search through available names, and snatch them up before anyone else. When we find our names are taken, no fear, that just means we must be more creative. Always being conscientious of keeping it simple.

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