2015 New Years Resolutions List

sketchperez | 01.04.2015

In 2014 I created this blog, sharing my own personal, professional, and creative insight. The things I share are all first hand accounts. If I share something, it’s because I’ve personally done that and found it to be effective. I created a small New Years Resolution list of 5 actionable items that will move you closer to your success. Good Luck.

Focus on one project

Sometimes we let our ambition hinder us from focusing and really creating something of quality. There are only so many hours in a day, we can’t possibly do it all. Therefore we dedicate a few hours to each project, never allowing ourselves to really dive into any one project. Read More →

Set small goals

It’s good to have big goals, however to meet them we must make a series of small goals. These seem more obtainable and after each one we are filled with a rush of satisfaction that allows us to continue pushing on to the rest of them. Read More →

Embrace Failure

Every single one of our fears about starting our venture, will happen. That’s part of the game. Failure is supposed to happen, get over it. We make the leap, fall flat on our face, get up, and leap again. Each time going higher and farther, given we learn from the last falls. We just have to make that first step of letting go. Read More →

Build personal brand

We follow people. This is true now more than ever with the popularity of social media. We can see this by looking at the follower count of celebrities and industry leaders. Even companies strive to make “personal connections” with their following. Why do you think they spend so much in sports & celebrity endorsements? We are influenced by people. Read More →

Acquire first client

Freelance client work is the easiest way to move towards making a living with your passion. We have a passion for design, art, photography, film, music, and have decided to begin doing client work. How do we get started? Read More →

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