Producing a new vlog series with NYCEDC

sketchperez | 03.04.2016

This past year I took a small break from this blog to learn film and music production. Whenever I wasn’t working for one of my consulting clients, I was learning. I know my last three posts haven’t had much correlation to what I was publishing before, but I promise that moving forward things will start making more sense.

Last year I began consulting with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). I got to work on a ton of cool projects, including one that was promoted all over the city for Fashion Week.

After a year of consulting with them, they want to bring me on full-time to produce a new Vlog series called ‘In Our Community’. It gives a first-person point of view to the amazing things that are happening throughout New York City.

The way this whole thing came about was pretty crazy. The social media director of the company approached me about bringing new things to the table. I mentioned that I was making vlogs, and that I believed it would be cool if we did one too. She sat me down with our Director of Creative Strategy and together we flushed out the concept. We decided on the name “In Our Community,” and I designed the brand. I kept the design minimal as to feel approachable and personal.

The first pilot episode took place at a community meeting in downtown Far Rockaway. A few weeks later we covered the grand opening of Brooklyn Foodworks, a new kitchen incubator. I got to film right along side a news team from NY1. All the equipment we used was my own, so our set up was very minimal. I’m currently working with the team to set aside a budget so we can have a higher quality production, especially in audio.

To all my friends and family that have supported me through my learning, thank you. Not everything I’ve put out has been amazing, but none the less, I’ve received great feedback. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. I will get back on a regular publishing schedule on this blog. Sign up to the newsletter to get every new post delivered straight to your inbox.

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