Collaborating with Jacquelin & Cindy

sketchperez | 03.15.2016

Last weekend I art directed a promo video for Jacquelin&Co and GorgeousByCindy, two brands I’m helping launch through my new company BrandedHumans. The first brand is a lifestyle blogger and the latter represents a makeup artist. Both brands have very similar target markets. They cater to predominately 21-35 year old women who love feeling empowered through beauty. Realizing this overlap led to a great opportunity to collaborate. By agreeing to work on this project together both brands will have the opportunity to be exposed to the other’s audiences and potentially grow their own.



Jacquelin produced the story. She reviewed the new Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, Cindy did her makeup and professionally applied all of the lip kits for the photoshoot. I handled all technical aspects during the shoot, and gave creative support in post production. Each brand focused on what they knew best. This insured for a great quality production. Jacquelin is very knowledgable about style and trends, meanwhile Cindy is an expert in makeup. Cindy hadn’t used the Kylie lip kits before the day of the shoot, and was very impressed with the quality. Now she has new products she can recommend to her clients. Jacquelin learned new techniques for applying lipstick to get the maximum coverage throughout the day. This made her blog post more valuable for her readers. Collaboration always lends itself to learning opportunities. Even if this was the only benefit you got from a project, it would be enough, but it isn’t.

Cross publishing

The biggest takeaway from collaboration projects is sharing and being exposed to new audiences. Jacquelin was exposed to an audience that loved makeup, and Cindy was exposed to one that loves style. Also through this blog post, they’re both exposed to an audience that loves business and culture! You see, the opportunities to grow your audience through collaboration is big.

Here’s a behind the scenes video we produced of the shoot. We’re using this across all of our separate social media channels, as well as our own websites to drive even further engagement. This was a very successful collaboration project, and I look forward to doing many more with these creatives as well as others. If you ever wanted to collaborate with me on something, feel free to reach out. Let’s make something cool.

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