Visiting Thailand

sketchperez | 09.20.2016

The thing about Thailand is, when you get here, you’ll feel like you’ve been here before. You immediately connect with the people. At no point do you feel awkward for being a foreigner, it’s actually the complete contrast. Thai people want to show off their culture. They are proud you are in their land and want to experience what it has to offer. We highly recommend this trip to anyone who’s in for an adventure.


Our trip consisted of 6 cities covering the north and south. We saw how the metropolitan regions moved, and then slowed down by the countryside. One hotel was on a rice field, a handful had private pools, and they were all amazing. We got to feed, bathe, and play with elephants. We went to monkey beach and a monkey jumped on Jaky. This trip was truly an amazing experience.





We researched and mindfully planned out our trip to Thailand. We literally walked around with a folder for each city containing tickets, itineraries, and other corresponding documents. It took us months to put together but it was totally worth it. This has been one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.




A lot of friends have asked us how we did it all, and we’ve given general ideas but it’s too much information to fit into one message. We really have a lot to share so Jacquelin and I decided to package up everything we have into an exclusive Thailand ebook. The book will cover everything we did, how/where we booked, prices, and other tips we learned along the way. It will be filled with beautiful exclusive photography only available through the ebook.



We are currently producing the ebook, and it will be available on Nov 1st. Sign up to receive weekly updates of the book with exclusive previews of content shared in real time as we make it. Here’s our first section: Bangkok.



Download the Preview & Start the Journey

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