First Yankees experience… Epic

sketchperez | 09.28.2016

Last night was the first time I went to Yankees Stadium, and it was epic. I’ve lived here in New York City for 3 years now and have not once been to a game. Our friends contacted us on Monday telling us they had 4 tickets and asked if we wanted to come. How could we possibly pass that up? Not to mention, the game was the great rivalry Yankees vs Red Socks. Let’s do this!




The Yankees started off great, leading by 2 points in the first inning. This put us all in a great mood. We had classic ball park hotdogs, pop corn, and Coca Cola. I can understand why they say Baseball is America’s greatest pastime. It really was a great time.




At half-time there was an eventful wedding proposal. Upon opening the box the man drops the ring. The whole stadium gasped in unison. The main cameras were taken off of them and onto random audience members to move away from the disaster that just happened. The game continued after that, but everyone still had their attention to the couple. It felt like a good 15 minutes before out of no where you heard the stadium begin to cheer. They found the ring! Later that night we found out that ESPN posted an Instagram video of the whole thing. We couldn’t believe where they found the ring!


Don’t worry, this dramatic proposal has a happy ending.

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Boston ended up catching up to us and the game was neck to neck until the very end. At the top of the 9th inning the Red Sox were down by 2 points and up at bat. There was a man on first, and a man on second. Two strikes. Three balls. Two outs. David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz was behind the plate. This was the last play of the game. The play that would end this epic day. STRIKE! The Yankees win the game!



… and that’s the story of how my first Yankees experience was truly EPIC. Thank you Marfrelina & Melanie for inviting us to experience this awesome night with you guys!


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