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sketchperez | 10.16.2016

Let’s continue your Thailand journey. Last week we had a subscriber write us an email asking for Tuk Tuk video footage. Not only do we have that footage, but we also have footage of nearly all forms of transportation we took in Thailand. So we made a small 2 minute video exclusively for you subscribed to this newsletter. Under the video you’ll find more details on each mode of transportation we took.

Tuk Tuk

Drivers customize their Tuk Tuks in very cool ways. From the paint, to the neon lights, and even bumping sound systems.

Mini Bus

This is basically a van with 3 to 4 rows with seating for 3 people in each row. It’s pretty comfortable except when the fast asleep little english boy keeps dropping his head onto your shoulder.


Very convenient but the most expensive way to get around town. However, in Chiang Rai we were able to book a taxi driver for half a day and he took us to the golden triangle and Karen Long Neck Village. This came out cheaper than any tour out there, and we were able to do it at our own pace.


When moving throughout Thailand there are VERY strict baggage weight limits. Checked bags have to be 20kg, carry-on’s 7kg, and they do not budge. For domestic flights they recommend checking in an hour before departure. We always did an hour and a half to 2 hours, just to be extra safe.


This is a large ship with 4 decks, fits a good hundred people or so. They sell small snacks such as chips and soda for very reasonable prices. We had Pringles and Coca Cola.

Long boat

These are exactly what the name implies, long boats. They all look like they’re 100 years old, but in very good shape. It looks like they used to paddle these boats and then with the invention of motors they just plopped them onto the back of the boat. They fit roughly 15 people plus their respective baggage. They are referred to as a ‘Water Taxi’ in the south.

Speed boat

This is just a regular speed boat, nothing special. We will say this though, if you have the choice, do not ride these in the rain after having a big lunch. We rode for an hour on bumpy oceans and almost threw up!


Thailand’s metro system is just like any other big city. The train’s were very modern. Make sure to have clear directions of where you’re going, we definitely got lost and showed up an hour late to one of our food tours.


We got on a two person kayak in one of the islands we stayed at. It took us a minute to find our rhythm, but once we did, we were cruising through the waves. We even got to pull up to a private beach where we were the only ones there!


We took an inflatable raft down a beautiful scenic river. The waters were fairly calm. Even then we lost two people overboard. Yes, Jaky was one of them, haha.


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