Acquiring a Small Print Shop

sketchperez | 10.22.2016

I have a friend down in Florida who is running a small profitable print shop. He was running it on the side out of his garage and asked me if I wanted to take it over. Knowing that I was doing design through Branded Humans, he figured it would make a good fit for my company. Why acquire print shop in 2016? We spend so much time in the digital realm that physical objects become novelty. We instinctively put more value to tangible products. A nice shirt, a cool hat, some clever cards; These can all have a long-lasting effect on someone’s perception of you and your brand. We want to break the digital wall between the brand and the audience with physical products and apparel.



We want to provide custom high-end shirts, hats, cards, and other physical products to creatives and entrepreneurs. Bringing this tactile experience to an audience creates a deeper connection. The quality of the products reflect the level of quality your brand outputs in whatever industry it may be.


The process of starting up this venture has been quite interesting. Branded Print Shop is a part of a larger team called Branded Humans; A creative studio full of professionals of different industries that focus on helping entrepreneurs brand themselves and create sustainable businesses. We’ve learned first-hand how physical products help drive interaction in the brands we run. So, we’ve decided to take a more hands on approach in this process.


Since we’ve always worked as digital nomads, consulting from hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and even the comfort of our own homes, we’ve never had a physical office. So we literally set up all the printing equipment in a garage… a real Steve Jobs-style operation. We currently have two vinyl cutters and a multi-plated heat press. This small, humble set up gives us all the capabilities to handle a large number of product runs. Our suppliers are located locally and we work closely with them to find the best suitable materials. Our goal is to obtain a location at the start of the new year.



We look forward to collaborating with new entrepreneurs and their brands. A lot of us come from a digital web background. Moving to a physical business; A print shop, is an exciting change. We’re currently in Central Florida but work with and deliver to people all around the world. Head on over to Branded Humans to view our current product offering.

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