New Year Goals: Lockscreen VisionBoard

sketchperez | 01.09.2018

“If it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done.” I heard that phrase when I was young, and the older I get the truer it becomes. We write things down with the intentions of turning ideas into completed goals. What would it look like if we wrote down everything we wanted to do this year. This is what a vision board. Creating a physical representation of our dreams, we combine photos to make one ultimate vision for the new year. My wife and I have talked about doing this, but never have. Recently she came across the brilliant idea that turned our phones lock screen into our vision board. Now this is something we can do!

Using a simple layout app, we found inspiring photos online that represented our yearly goals and complied them into our visions for this year. Here’s how you can create yours:

  1. List your goals for the year. Keep them short and focused.
  2. Search for inspiring photographs on websites such as Unsplash or use your own.
  3. Download a simple layout app such as PhotoGrid (iOS | Android).
  4. Compile photos into an elegant grid and save your image.
  5. Set image as your wallpaper and get inspired daily!

I wish you all the best of luck on your goals. Let’s make this a great year! 💪🏽

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