Getting into the tech industry

sketchperez | 02.06.2018

Just before my 18th birthday I quit my job at the deli to become a full time web designer. Getting into the tech industry has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve heard many people from different industries complain about lack of jobs, poor wages, and general unfairness in their workplace. When I talk to my peers in the tech industry however, the conversations are much different. No one is struggling to get by and find work. The complete opposite. There is an over abundance of work, and we’re sifting through to see what calls our attention. Imagine turning down a job that pays six figures.


A lot of today’s innovations point to tech. That’s where the money is coming from. Everyday new technology is built. When my parents were young they were told technology was the future, well, we’re here. In the industrial revolution people who didn’t leave farming were left behind, and the same is true now. It’s a technological revolution, and we feel its effects more and more as the years go by. This is where the opportunity is.


This industry has provided us with immense opportunities including my favorite, the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world! This allowed me to spend time with my wife’s family in Colombia, while her grandfather lived out his last days. We were the only ones with the luxury of doing so, and I realize how fortunate we are to be in this position. This is one of the only jobs I know that allows that sort of flexibility.


You’ve probably heard from people that you don’t need to go to school to be in tech, and that’s because you don’t. In this industry if you have the talent and are resourceful, you can get the job. I am actually a college dropout. I don’t even have an associates, and yet still find success in this field. Luckily we have some amazing companies that dedicate themselves to providing high quality coursework for incredibly reasonable rates. Among the best is Treehouse. They literally take you from a point of zero understanding to: coding your own websites, designing your own products, or building your own business.  You can try them out 7 days for free.

Even if all of this sounds great but it’s just not for you, I encourage you to share this information with friends, cousins, nieces and nephews. Technology is all around us and isn’t going anywhere.

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