Hello Brooklyn.

sketchperez | 02.20.2018

When I first came to NYC in 2013 I only wanted to live in Brooklyn. Anytime I heard about New York City on a design blog, 99% of the time they were talking about Brooklyn. Although we didn’t live here right away, we came and visited anytime we got the chance. Every visit only growing our desire to one day live in this place. It’s the city within the City. With a population of 2.6 million, Brooklyn is the the biggest borough. Now, it just got a little more crowded. After a crazy year, we’re finally back in New York City, and this time we’re here. Hello Brooklyn!

Brooklyn’s official motto translates to, “Unity makes strength,” and this makes sense to me. I’ve always experienced a sense of community here. The borough is filled with people from all walks of life with the same desire to work hard and move forward. It’s not easy to live here with the high rents and competitive workforce, so when you’re here you feel a sense of accomplishment. This brings great pride, and that’s something Brooklyn is definitely known for.

I’m happy to be back in the city. I can truly say now I couldn’t see myself anywhere else in the world. After being some time back home in Florida, and then living almost a year in Colombia, I’ve learned that I belong here. Although this has been the place where I’ve had to struggle the most, it’s also the place I’ve had the greatest opportunities. The way that I see it is that no matter what you do in life, you’re going to struggle, so if I’m going to do that regardless I rather struggle trying my absolute best. New York City isn’t called the capital of the world for no reason. It feels good to be home.

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