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sketchperez | 04.08.2018

I’ve been asked by chefs, real estate agents, barbers, musicians, and other clients of mine about what camera they should buy. If you are a creative professional looking for a great quality camera the iPhone X is the best camera for you. I have over $5000 worth of professional camera equipment, and yet I capture moments on the iPhone that rivals all of that at a fifth of the price. I’ve shot vlogs on the iPhone, my team has shot music videos on the iPhone, and we’ve even done professional photoshoots on the iPhone. You don’t need to buy a camera, the iPhone is all you need.

When I pull out my camera, I can’t just start shooting. I first have to set it up on my stabilizer, fix the shutter speed, change the ISO, and the adjust the aperture. Once I have everything set up properly, I can begin to shoot. Meanwhile, I can reach in my pocket, pull out my iPhone, and just start shooting. The iPhone automatically does things that you have to work for on a professional camera. You are constantly adjusting how much light your camera is capturing to get the right shot in the right moment. If you want achieve stable video, you need expensive stabilizing rigs. A low light lens or ones that give a “blurry background effect” can be more expensive than the cameras themselves. The iPhone comes equipped with all of this out of the box. When it comes to capturing video, the iPhone is unmatched in its class. With a slow motion of 240fps (frames per second), it surpasses many similarly priced professional cameras. It also has the capabilities of shooting in the high resolution of 4K (example at the end of this article).

I’m never buying another camera again. I’m not the only one either. Cindy Lopez is a makeup artist in New York City and has worked on fashion shoots, high end weddings, and corporate bookings. She’s one of my clients and this is her experience:

The iPhone X helped bring my work to life, showing all the color details to perfection. The photos come out very clear, and it’s so much easier than learning how to work a camera. I can just pull out my phone, get a good angle, and the phone does the rest. I like to take my pictures in both regular and portrait mode. I use Facetune to smooth out my pictures or enhance detail when it comes to color on my makeovers. I really love this app. I would recommend the iPhone X to other creative professionals although I haven’t mastered portrait mode on selfie yet.

To finalize my point, I will show you a cinematic trailer shot entirely on the iPhone X. After you see this, I guarantee you too will be a believer. Cheers, I wish you nothing but the best capturing your professional journey.

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