The Excuses We Make

sketchperez | 06.02.2018

Excuses are easy. We can always find a reason not to do something. Some people have made this into an art form, they are so good at excuses they start to believe it themselves and hold it to be true. We constantly tell ourselves why we can’t do this thing that we know deep down we’re dying to do. It’s crippling. We have to push through this if we ever want to actually do something instead of wondering what if. It’s time to shed light on these excuses.

It’s too late for me

No it’s not. It’s never too late. Yes, there will be younger people doing what we are trying to do, but that shouldn’t be discouraging. There’s a lot we can learn from them, and conversely a lot they can learn from us. Young people learn fast, not because they are inherently smarter, but because they are not afraid to fail. If we adapted this mindset there are no limits to what we could achieve. What we bring to the table is experience. We know what it is to wake up early, to show up day after day, and to communicate with clarity.

Everyone is trying to do this

Competition should not be a reason for us not to pursue a venture. In fact, this should be motivating because we have validation that a market for this thing exists. If no one was trying to do the thing that we wanted, it could be possible that it’s obsolete or not wanted. How many beauticians and barbers are there in the world? Yet, every year hundreds more graduate with their licenses and are added into the market. There are people who go to one specific person for their hair and they wouldn’t dream of ever changing. With hundreds if not thousands of options, they choose to go with the same person week after week, month after month, and year after year. If we build real relationships and are good at our craft, than it doesn’t matter how many other people do what we do. They are not us.

What if I’m wasting my time

I get it. We’re scared to waste our time. We’re actually terrified of that. We don’t want to waste our time with this thing, and it ending up not being the right thing. The truth is, we waste more time thinking about it than we do actually trying. Now that’s a waste of time. Sitting around thinking “what if” is the most unproductive thing we can do. We gain value going out there and trying something that ultimately isn’t for us. Learning what we don’t like is just as important as what we do like. When we learn what we don’t like, the things that we do are done with more intention and passion. We know what it feels like to hate something, so when we find something we love, there are no limits to what we can do.

I haven’t seen any results

Some of us have actually started. We’ve been showing up for months and have seen no results. Stick with it. Some artists take years before their big break. Professionals have to work for years under management before they are given the opportunity to lead. If doing this thing for years does not sound appealing. Drop it now. Go find the thing that makes you happy to do for years without results. Find something that brings joy just by doing it. If we do something with results as the goal, chances are they won’t come. When we do things out of love and passion, we are more likely to go above and beyond. Going above and beyond is reflected in the work, and over the years it will provide results.

I just don’t know

Remember what I said about young people not being afraid to fail. Keep reminding yourself this. This is how we learn. Steve Jobs said, “Fail fast, fail early.” He encouraged his team to make mistakes and this is where innovation happened. It’s as simple as this: we don’t know, what we don’t know. Just try. Just do. Just see for yourself. Life, our parents, school, all these things teach us to be afraid of the unknown. Turn that thinking upside down. Embrace what you don’t know and take it on head first. Kids will say, “I don’t like that food,” and their parents will reply, “have you ever tried it?” How can we possibly know if we haven’t tried?

No more excuses

For every reason we can find to not do something, all we need is that one reason to do it. We need to hold on to that. No one remembers good excuses, they remember good actions. Go and do the thing you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t. Go against all your excuses and just try.

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