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Let’s Make A Brand Plan

sketchperez | 06.14.2018

You’ve been wanting to do this thing. Making some money while doing it would be nice. Maybe you even want to go as far as making a business out of it. It’s on the back of your mind. Day in and day out. It haunts you. The weekend passes and you have to get back to work, and you ask yourself, “why can’t I just do the thing I want to do.” You’re not entirely sure how to start. Let’s make a plan.

Professionals make plans

A pilot creates a flight plan for every flight. A professor develops a lesson plan for every class. A doctor develops a surgical plan for every procedure. These plans ensure safety, effective use of time, and guidance. By thinking through their assignment beforehand, they are able to forecast any issues so that the process may move as smoothly as possible.

Through this same logic, us as professionals, must think about our brand planning before we can begin building. Our planning will ensure that our finances are invested safely, our focus is on the proper things to save time, and our actions are guided by a thought out set of rules. Without a plan, we’ll find ourselves making baseless decisions that may lead to loss of money. Plans are important.

Your Brand Plan

I help brands develop and grow, but before we do anything, there has to be a plan. Some people come to me with a full fledge business plan, that helps. Most people however, have no idea what a business plan looks like or where to get started. Knowing this I’ve created my own version of a business plan. I call it a “brand plan.” It allows us to understand the true purpose of the brand we’ll be developing.

What problem are you trying to solve? Who are you trying to help? How will you make money? These are some of the questions covered in the brand plan. They are all focused on getting us to understand what we are doing and why. It follows closely the attitude of a traditional business plan, but stripped down to it’s core. Its approach is minimal as to not overwhelm us. The idea is to get started. We make a strong foundation which we may build upon as we grow our brand.

Let’s Plan

Maybe you’re a creative person wanting to pursue a career in videography. Perhaps you make music and would love nothing more than to make that your career. Let’s say you’re a gifted artist and would like to use that skill to build a graphic design business. The first step is creating a brand.

I want to help you. Why? Because when I felt this way, when I wanted to start something, someone helped me. Not only did they help me, but they helped me for free. So I’d like to pay that forward. Whether you use my branding services after our meeting or not, that doesn’t matter. That is not the goal. The goal is for you to start. No more #excuses, I will help you formulate a plan. You’d be surprised how much of this you already know. You just need someone to confirm that what you believe deep down, is in fact correct. Send me your information, and we’ll start planning.

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