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I started my design career over 10 years ago in sunny Florida. Helping brands grow through print and digital design is how I developed my initial business relationships. Throughout my career, no matter what full time gig I had, I’ve always remained available to help brands. It’s how I stay grounded and continue to give back to the community of entrepreneurs that believed in me.


While freelance has helped me interact with local businesses, it was the #agencylife that taught me how to do the same with large global brands. Three years into my design career and a year after high school I was given a chance to intern with the agency Lightmaker. I was hired within 2 weeks. I was an ambitious kid back then, and now I’m an ambitious bigger kid. With them I learned what it meant to work on a team. I did everything from brand concepts and marketing campaigns, to web and app design mock ups. Whenever the need arose I even helped code HTML & CSS. I was just excited to work, adapting to new projects and work situations was part of the thrill.


After being at the agency for almost 2 years, I felt equipped to take on the world. This to me meant moving to New York City. To further my experience, I looked for opportunities with startups. The first startup to give me a chance was Appfigures. I worked directly with the founders in a small team of 10 engineers. I was accustomed to talking to project managers and being disconnected from high level corporate heads like the CEO. Here, I sat right next to them. At Appfigures, I explored the app world both in design and on a personal level. Beyond building the design language of the company, part of my role was to communicate directly with app developers and entrepreneurs. Admittedly, this was my favorite part of the role. The projects I got to work on were used by the teams at Twitter, Facebook, and independent studios.


After a couple years in the app industry, I wanted to impact more brands across different industries. The opportunity presented itself through a consulting job with the Made In NY brand. They help creatives across all of New York City; specifically within the fashion, film, and tech sectors. My largest project with them was a Fashion Week campaign that showcased all over the city. We developed a digital experience along with a print campaign that included: bus shelters, billboards, taxi tops, and other signage. In terms of scale, it was definitely the largest campaign I’ve been a part of.


Made in NY works closely with government agencies to make things happen. I was enticed by this, sought out more opportunities, and landed a position with NYCEDC. While on this team we helped entrepreneurs in culinary, tech, fashion, military, aviation, travel and many other industries. It was a truly unique experience. Through helping so many local entrepreneurs grow, I couldn’t feel more connected to the City.

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