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I was approached by an entrepreneur based out of Orlando who wanted to see if his idea was viable. When we sat down to talk about it, it seemed like a strong concept. The city of Orlando is one of the most touristic cities in the nation. With great theme parks, world class resorts, restaurants, and a strong business community. Along with that, Orlando also has a strong nightlife, and the client wanted to showcase that.


Everyone knows what to do in Orlando during the day. In all honesty, there’s too much to do. However, once the night hits, it’s anyone’s guess as to where to go. There’s a strong night life, but if you aren’t a local, you may not be aware of it. Often times, even if you are a local, you may not be fully aware of everything your city has to offer.


I created a prototype of an app that pointed people to the different spots depending on weeknight, specials, and interests. Users could create profiles and the app would be a nightlife concierge, suggesting where to go, and where to go next. Unlike other apps such as Yelp, that just serve as a huge search database, The Tap App would give you a tailored selection to choose from that matches your criteria. Not only that, but we understand people don’t just go to one spot during a night out. So built into the app is the ability to gauge where the movement is happening, and it suggests where to go next. Think of it like a bar crawl led by artificial intelligence.

Challenges / Key features

The biggest challenge was that this idea is huge. We couldn’t just jump right into development. The client needed to pitch this idea to outside investors and partners in order to get the idea going. Therefore, I had to develop a prototype that was good enough to walk you through the experience and sell the idea.

Ultimately, the final prototype did exactly what we needed, and the client was extremely happy with the results. The app is currently in it’s funding phase.


It’s important to meet clients where they’re at. Not all are ready to just jump into a $100,000+ project. Providing solutions at every stage ensures that they get what they need, and you build a deep relationship. I will be working with this app as it progresses through each stage, and it’s rewarding to see it grow. The prototype has also inspired other entrepreneurs to build their ideas and test it’s viability as well. This process is a huge learning experience for the client, as they come with a simple idea, and it’s our job as app professionals to guide them through the process.

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