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Lexus of Saudi Arabia is the Middle East branch of the brand. They bring the level of class and elegance that Lexus is known for to their region. One quote they highlight is:

Great work, whether it’s art, architecture or engineering, cannot be hurried. Lexus applies this level of attention to everything it does.

With that in mind, we were extremely excited to work with this team.


At the time of this project, Lexus of Saudi Arabia was going through a transition in their website appearance. With the pending launch of a new car, they wanted to revamp the entire look and feel. Due to the size of their website, it was seemingly impossible to launch a whole new site in time for the release of the new car model. They needed a way to promote the new car, and do it in a more visually elegant way than their current site allowed.


We came up with the idea to design a clean one page site that served as both a promotion of the new car, as well as a nod to the new direction of the website. This allowed us to meet the deadline of the launch, without rushing the production of the full site. In the end it proved as a perfect work around to a constant problem we face: time.

Challenges / Key features

The biggest challenge came in the stage of ideation. When we were faced with a very real deadline of a product launch, there was very little wiggle room that could be had. This new car was being released worldwide, and our Saudi Arabia brand could not be left behind. Ultimately, the decision of creating the transitional landing page proved to be quite effective.

The fact that we were able to promote the car and the new design made this website special. It was a small and simple solution to a much bigger problem. The look was elegant and the entire team gave a huge sigh of relief when the car launch date arrived.


It’s important for us to put ourselves in the position of our clients. Truly understanding their goals, allows us to think outside of the box and provide solutions that are both effective and elegant. Some things just can’t be rushed, as it opens the door to error and bugs. We like to make time for testing, so that the end user may have a fluid experience. Knowing that the client was happy with the result, and that our team was able to do their job effectively, marks this project as a home run for us.

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