NYC Fashion Week

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Made In NY is an organization that helps creators in the tech, film, and fashion industries grow. They play a key role in Fashion Week, helping new up and coming NY designers get a spotlight within the chaotic globally renowned event.


The client had budgeted a million dollar campaign across the entire city to promote New York City designers but had no where to point them to. The deadline for fashion week was closing in and all they had was a domain: This campaign was going to be pushed on bus shelters, taxi tops, time square banners, and other media throughout the city. They had the designers, they had the stories, but a piece was missing. Where do we send the audience next?


We sat down with the team and got a feel for what the goals were. We understood that time was not on our side, so we wanted to make sure we focused on what mattered. The team wanted to push NYC designers to help them connect with potential partners and clients. We developed a clean one page experience that showcased each designer, pointed the user to their respective web domains, and enticed them to sign up to stay connected with Made In NY Fashion. Our approach was simple but effective. By receiving user contact information we’d be able to continue developing the content throughout the event and stay connected to the audience. We used this to market key pieces from each designer and build an engaging relationship with the audience.

Challenges / Key features

The biggest challenge was time. Fashion week doesn’t wait for anyone. Also, with so many moving pieces, it was difficult to come to one key focus. Ultimately, after conversations with many team members we found common threads and developed the story around that.

What came out from it all was a very fluid experience from seeing the campaign all around the city, reflecting that on the digital site, and then following up through email campaigns.


As we can imagine many Fashion Designers can attest to, Fashion Week is incredibly stressful, but rewarding at the same time. This has been by far the biggest campaign we’ve been a part of. The feeling of seeing this all across the city is truly breathtaking. We would get calls and text messages from friends and colleagues telling us they just walked past a bus shelter or a taxi with our campaign. That feeling, paired with knowing that we got to help NYC designers, was truly rewarding.

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